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Board Backed Envelopes – A4 and A5

Our board backed envelopes make posting items that must be kept flat, simple and straightforward. They come printed with “Please do not bend” in red on the front so you can be assured your goods are handled properly. Ideal for photos, artwork & documents.

With a peel-and-seal feature, these hard backed envelopes are quick to seal whilst providing protection and a tamperproof solution.  Composed of a heavy brown paper and rigid cardboard, our card backed envelopes are available in A5 and A4.

self seal brown cardboard board backed envelopes

Our board backed envelopes available in A5 & A4 are compliant with Royal Mail's Letter and Large Letter sizing limits, so you can send out your documents safely, with the benefit of lower postage costs.

With a strong cardboard on the back and heavy paper on the front, our hard backed envelopes combine the strength and convenience you desire in a packing material. Because they are strong and sturdy, they can be reused or recycled. Compared to all-board envelopes, cardboard backed envelopes are a cost-effective reliable packaging solution that both secures and protects photos, documents and artwork etc in the post or in storage. They are printed in red with the warning text “Please do not bend”.

For quick and easy sealing, the card backed envelopes also have a smart and strong peel-and-seal closure that will show you if the envelope has been tampered with.

Available in two popular sizes, A4 and A5, our cardboard backed envelopes are eco-friendly too as they are made from recycled materials, making them completely recyclable, but also strong enough to reuse.

Our board backed envelopes provide an ideal solution for those who need to mail or store important documents like photos, legal paperwork and artwork that should be packed flat.  Supplied in economical packs of 125.


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mail lite gold padded envelopesMail Lite Padded Envelopes

These popular self seal Mail Lite padded envelopes are a good old fashioned popular choice for mailings.  Not only do they offer superior protection, they are fully recyclable too.  10 sizes available, most of which are within Royal Mail's large letter size restrictions.

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