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Bubble Lined Envelopes

self seal bubble lined envelopes for mailing

Our eco-friendly Mail Lite bubble envelopes, which come in two grades, protect fragile items from damage in transit – plus they are cheaper on postage than boxes and simpler to use. These self seal bubble lined envelopes in 10 sizes many of which are within Royal Mail's Large Letter and Small Parcel size restrictions, feature a bubble wrap lining within a smooth interior that acts as a protective all-round cushion. 

The oyster-coloured Mail Lite PLUS Envelopes are perfect for medium to heavy and fragile items, including electronic components, tools and large books. The white Mail Lite Envelopes suit light to medium weight goods like jewellery, giftware and other general items. Both have secure peel-and-seal closure and are easy to label or write on.

self seal bubble lined envelopes for mailing

Give fragile and delicate items the protection they need with our robust bubble lined envelopes, often known as jiffy bags. This cost-effective solution features a bubble material interior which functions in three main ways: one, to cushion its contents from knocks and bumps during transport; two, to allow quick and easy insertion of products; and three, to provide moisture and tear resistance. There is no need for staples or sticky tape, and you can choose between our Mail Lite Envelopes and our Mail Lite PLUS Envelopes in 10 sizes to suit your packing requirements.

Pick our Mail Lite Envelopes for packing general items of light-medium weight. This variety of our bubble wrap envelopes comes in a white kraft paper exterior. The Mail Lite PLUS is ideal for transporting heavier or delicate items. Aside from its extra strength, this bubble envelope variety has oyster-coloured kraft paper exterior for a more professional finish.

Both the Mail Lite Envelopes and Mail Lite PLUS Envelopes have peel-and-seal closure for easy and tight sealing and as a tamper-proof solution, and both types of bubble envelopes are also easy to write on or stick a label on.


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Postal Mailing Boxes

These self-seal postal boxes are available online in 3 sizes.  Easy to assemble, with a self seal strip for easy closure, these mailing boxes are one of our best sellers.  All 3 sizes are with Royal Mail's Medium Parcel size restrictions.


mail tuff mailing bags, envelopes and sacksPlastic Mailing Bags

Our choice of plastic mailing bags, available in white or grey, are a popular choice for many applications, particulary because they are so lightweight yet tougher than many paper envelopes.  Over 14 sizes available between this range. 


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