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Cardboard Mail Tubes

mail cardboard tubes for mailing posters

Our recyclable cardboard tubes come in 17 sizes, including various diameters, to fit standard paper measurements and so provide just the right size for your specific document. These mail tubes are a safe and secure solution to mail or store important documents and items that can be rolled, like maps, blueprints, posters, etc.

Made from durable high quality cardboard, the postal tubes come complete with tight-fitting white plastic end caps.

As well as for business and everyday postal needs, our cardboard mail tubes are ideal when moving house or storing items. Thanks to the wide range of sizes on offer, you can easily find a tube box to fit your important paper or document. Choose first from our basic postal tube sizes – A3, A2, A1, A0, B2, B1 and B0 – and then decide on the diameter of cardboard tube to accommodate your document (add 40mm to allow for the end caps). They all come in a pack of 25 and can be recycled or reused.

mail cardboard tubes for mailing posters

• A3: 330x44.5x1.5mm
• A2: 450x44.5x1.5mm; 450x63.5x1.5mm
• A1: 640x50.8x1.5mm; 640x63.5x1.5mm; 640x76x1.5mm; 640x100x1.5mm
• A0: 940x76x2mm; 940x100x3mm
• B2: 559x50.8x1.5mm; 559x76x1.5mm
• B1: 813x63.5x1.5mm; 813x76x2mm
• B0:1046x76x3mm; 1046x100x3mm; 940x127x3mm; 1046x152x3mm

If you need a specfic size cardboard postal tube, then we are able to supply custom sizes to suit your requirements.  Feel free to call us on 01707 635353 to discuss this further.

Manufactured from 100% recycled cardboard material, our mailing tubes are made especially to address the challenge of packing or packaging items like calendars, posters, blueprints, maps and any other paperwork that can be rolled.

Economical and versatile, our postal tubes offer a professional and presentable finish – something your customers will appreciate. Strong and reliable, these mailing tubes protect their contents from getting damaged or torn during transit, with the end caps neatly and firmly snapping into place and protecting from dust and dirt.

Cardboard tubes form a highly convenient part of your packaging solutions.


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Board Backed Envelopes

If you would prefer your items to be kept flat when posting or storing, then our board backed envelopes are ideal.  Printed with 'Please do not bend' in red on the front, you can also rely on them being taken care of.  Available in A5 & A4 they are within Royal Mail's letter and large letter size restrictions respectively.

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