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Mail Bags, Envelopes & Sacks

Our handy plastic mail bags, envelopes and sacks in various sizes are the number 1 choice of many users for packing and posting a wide range of items, because they are lighter and tougher than paper envelopes while being economical to use. These strong plastic mailing bags, being made from superior polythene material, have the obvious advantage of being highly resistant to moisture and dirt. They are a very reliable form of packaging as they are not easily punctured or torn. With a write-on surface and peel-and-seal closure, our postage bags really speed up packing and can be re-used if sealed with tape the next time.

Mail Tuff Polythene Envelopes

The white mail tuff postal bags / envelopes come in 6 sizes, as follows:

mail tuff mailing bags, envelopes & sacks
• 165 x 240mm
• 230 x 320mm
• 250 x 350mm
• 295 x 415mm
• 395 x 400mm
• 450 x 525mm

Grey Mail Bags

The popular grey mailing bags, a cost effective alternative to the white polythene envelopes / bags,are excellent for totally shielding the contents from view during mailing. They come in 10 sizes

* 150 x 225mm             * 400 x 525mm

* 225 x 313mm             * 450 x 550mm

* 250 x 350mm             * 525 x 600mm

* 300 x 400mm             * 575 x 700mm

                                          * 325 x 475mm             * 600 x 900mm

Our polythene mail bags, envelopes and sacks are a great flexible postal solution for both business and personal use. They are ideal for protecting important papers in the post and also for shipping garments, soft toys, cushions and other bulky things or non-fragile objects because they allow overstuffing without bursting. They come in two colours – white and grey – and in 6 and 8 sizes respectively.






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