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Postal Packaging – Hints and Tips for Mailing Fragile Items

Careful planning and lots of patience is required when mailing or shipping products which are easily breakable. It pays off to choose the best and most suitable postal packaging for specific items and to take your time in packing them well so that they reach their destination in one piece.
Here are some successful hints and tips to ensure that your fragile object arrives in perfect condition.

Get the Right Packaging Products for your Items.

• Plan. Rushed packing may result in breaking objects like glass, chinaware and porcelain. It is better to prepare in advance what you want to pack and the materials you will use such as postal boxes, scissors, packing tape, void fill and packing paper. 

• Use the best materials. Use high quality cardboard mailing boxes or foam-lined boxes. Make sure that your box is strong enough to support the object and that there are no rips, punctures or tears on the box. Ensure the flaps are intact. Check that you have the right wrapping and cushioning or void fill. We have a wide range of suitable postal packaging void fill including pillow packaging, foam packing, bubble wraps, packing peanuts or simply packing paper.


Steps in Packing Fragile Objects to Mail

1) Prepare the boxes for mailing. Pack fragile items up to a maximum weight of 10 lbs or 4.5 kg (including the packaging) and choose a postage box with enough space for cushioning. Check that the box is intact. 

2) Place void fills at the bottom of the box. Use any of the postal packaging products that will cushion and prevent friction underneath the contents of the box. 

3) Wrap items individually as appropriate. You may opt to use a packing paper such as tissue or even newspaper or you may prefer bubble wrap as it is more durable and provides thicker cushioning. When using wrapping paper, wrap it round the object a few times as the thicker the paper the less the chance of friction.    

♦ Careful! When wrapping delicate goods, particularly those that are susceptible to tarnish, use an acid free tissue paper to keep the original appearance.

4) Carefully arrange the objects in the mailing box. Do not place light objects under heavy ones. Make sure that all tips and edges of the individual items are covered and do not touch each other.

♦ Don’t Forget! Put bubble wrap or scrunched paper such as news print offcuts in every gap and empty spaces. This will prevent objects from shifting in the carton.

5) Double check your parcel for movements. If there are still gaps, add more cushioning or some other void fill. There is a wide range of void fill materials that you can choose from depending on how delicate the item you are shipping is. These include bubble wrap, packing air bags, packing peanuts, vermiculite, and even wrapping papers.

♦ Mailing extra fragile valuable items. We would strongly recommend that pack them inside a box, as above, and then pack the sealed box inside a larger box with void fill completely encasing the inner box.

6) Close the box lid firmly. Use a high quality packaging tape to seal the postal box – preferably a packing tape with “FRAGILE” printed in red on the tape. For valuable items you can use our tamper proof tape with Fragile labels.
7) Ensure that the tape is securely stuck down – this will also help to detect easily if your package has been tampered with.

8) Stick on a “FRAGILE” printed label for additional security. These warning labels are a must for anyone packing fragile or delicate items.

9) Address the mailing box with an adhesive label or write directly on it with a marker pen.

These postal packaging tips and hints for correct postal packing will help your packages arrive safely at their destination.

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