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Packaging & Mailing Odd Shaped Products

In order to determine the best postal products for packing irregularly shaped items, the shape and size of the item must be considered first. Here are some tips to help you choose from our wide range of postal packaging supplies to cater for your oddly shaped objects:


The Right Postal Box

Carefully choose the postal box you will use. The container should be large enough for the item and cushioning material – but not too large so as to have too much void space.

Very importantly your boxes for mailing should also have enough strength to support the weight of the contents. 

♦ Saving Tip! To cut postage costs, notably if you are using the Royal Mail, make sure that your package adheres to the PiP (pricing in Proportion) guidelines. Our PiP boxes are a great mailing solution.


Wrapping Your Odd Shaped Item

Wrap items Individually. Irregular shaped items should be wrapped individually, especially if they are medium to heavy in weight, so that they can be easily handled and carried. Lighter objects all with the same shape can be wrapped separately and then packed together to minimise packaging space. Paper blankets are an excellent postal packaging material for wrapping tables or chairs, to stop them from getting scratched and knocked during transit.

Don’t forget to use cushioning materials and void fill. Void fill such as bubble wrap or foam packaging is a good postal packaging material for wrapping large objects. Void fills are essential when shipping products.

♦ Safety Tip! For items with sharp edges like metal, place cardboard or cushioning materials at the tips to prevent them ripping the mailing box.


Sealing your Boxes for Maling

Seal your mailing box with strong packaging tape and label properly. This will not just ensure the safety and protection of your items, it will also help show if your package has been tampered with during transit. You may also opt to strengthen the seal on large postal boxes by putting 4 bands of tape in different directions.

There is a postal packaging solution for every item to be shipped, no matter how odd its shape. The key is always proper preparation, use the right postal products and take your time.  If you need further advice as to the products that are available for your item please don’t hesitate to call us.





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