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Mail Lite Padded Envelopes

mail lite gold padded envelopes

Our ever-popular economical self-seal Mail Lite padded envelopes are an ideal posting solution for many different items. Available in 10 sizes, many of which are within the Royal Mail's Large Letter and Small Parcel size limits, these padded mailers have four-fold corners and double-glued bottom flaps. They resist punctures and are filled with macerated paper cushioning so you can be confident items reach their destination in good condition. Our padded envelopes are made from top quality kraft paper in gold for a more presentable finish and ensure full protection - a key packing choice for anyone involved in mail order business.


mail lite gold padded envelopes self seal

Buy our padded envelopes to send high-volume or simply individual items in the post. Tough and economical with a tamper-proof self-seal closure, our padded mailing envelopes provide a quick and reliable packing solution while offering excellent protection.

This padded envelope prides itself on being the original padded bag offering maximum protection to a wide range of items, including free gifts, cosmetics, spare parts, books, manuals, documents, soft toys, CDs, DVDs, etc. Postage costs are kept down because the padded mailer is lightweight despite its strength.

Filled with macerated paper, Mail Lite envelopes are made from premium gold Kraft paper, a material that resists punctures or tears. They have a double-glued bottom flap and four-fold corners for extra strength and security.

They are supplied in the following 10 different sizes:

• 124 x 222mm
• 149 x 222mm
• 181 x 273mm
• 213 x 273mm
• 213 X 336mm
• 238 X 336mm
• 264 X 374mm
• 314 x 450mm
• 365 x 476mm
• 458 x 686mm

Padded envelopes are quite simply a must-have for any packing department or a busy mailroom - perfect packaging for both individual and high volume mailing needs.

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