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PIP (Pricing in Proportion) Postal Packaging

Our PiP Boxes and Large Letters

Use our PiP boxes and large letters to conform to Royal Mail PiP and save money. Ordinary mail now has three categories to consider: Letter, Large Letter and Parcels (Small, Medium and Large) – and businesses can save a lot of money in postage by using postal products that conform to the Large Letter requirements rather than the Small Parcel. We have 1 white postal carton that falls into this category as well as 7 sizes of bubbled lined envelope and 6 sizes of padded envelopes. 

For larger and heavier parcels, we have PIP boxes specifically designed to conform to the PIP guidelines. For Small Parcel we have 3 sizes of foam-lined boxes, 4 sizes of white postal boxes, 2 sizes of brown self-seal postal boxes and 9 sizes of single wall cardboard box, as well as the larger bubble-lined and padded envelopes. Our book mailers in A4 and A5 also fall into this category.  Click here to see our complete range of Royal Mail Small Parcel Packaging.

Take a look at our new L96 carton in Single Wall Boxes which we have recently added to our range.  This cardboard postal box has been made to the maximum size of the Small Parcel limit so you can send more, for less! 

For Medium Parcels we have various single wall boxes up to the maximum dimensions, plus one size of our excellent brown self-seal boxes, in addition to the the larger padded and bubble-lined envelopes.

Pricing in Proportion (PiP) Postal Guide

PiP Size  Letter Large Letter Small Parcel Medium Parcel
Max Length 240mm 353mm 450mm 610mm
Max Width 165mm 250mm 350mm 460mm
Max Height 5mm 25mm 160mm 460mm
Max Weight 100g 750g 2kg 20kg

Products from our Postal Packaging range

PiP Size  Letter Large Letter Small Parcel Medium Parcel
Single Wall Boxes none none


Our complete
range of
Single Wall
(excluding L44)

White Postal Boxes none LGB1

LGB4             LGB6

Brown Self Seal Boxes none none PP2

Foam Lined Boxes none none FOAM-SMALL
Book Mailers none none

TT-A4               TT-A5

Board Backed Envelopes HBE-A5 HBE-A4 none none
Polystyrene Mug Packs none none MUGPACK none
Postal Tubes none none CTLA (A3)     CTLB (A2)    CTLE (A2) CTLC (B2)
Coloured Bubble Envelopes none

A5 - all colours A4 - all colours

none none
Bubble Lined Envelopes none Size /000
Size /5
Padded Envelopes none


Size/5 Size/6


Tips for Using PiP

All our PIP boxes and postal cartons are flat-packed for easy and convenient storage. Don’t forget that with PIP mailing, that although Pricing in Proportion means you must still consider the weight, the money-saving principle works by considering size and thickness. For instance, an item of A4 mail folded and placed in an A5 size envelope is cheaper to post than putting it in an A4-sized envelope (Large Letter). Be careful though, as maximum thicknesses do also apply.

Why Royal Mail have changed to PiP

According to Royal Mail, the PIP structure reflects the cost of sorting and handling mail more accurately because shape and size is such a big factor. Prior to this, people paid too much for small yet heavy items and too little for large yet light items.

History of Royal Mail PiP

Pricing in Proportion (PIP), introduced by the Royal Mail in August 2006 as a simpler and fairer pricing system of postal items, has been updated. PIP changed the postal service’s charges for packets and letters by taking into account the size and thickness of the item to be mailed as well as the weight.

Packaging2Buy have made every effort to offer a range of packaging which is compliant with PiP – both PiP Boxes and packaging for PiP Large Letters




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