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Postal Packaging – Hints and Tips

When shipping or sending items to post, it is important to ensure the safety and security of your items. The key to this is in good postal packaging and choosing the right postal products. Here are some tips and hints to help you:


Mailing Boxes

♦ Pick strong and durable boxes for mailing. Make sure that your postal boxes are strong enough for the items they will contain. Check that all the flaps are intact and that the mailing boxes are in good, rigid condition. When packing heavier items, use double-walled boxes for extra strength.

Additionally, make sure that your postage boxes are large enough to leave room for appropriate cushioning materials.

Remember: don’t pack too many items in one box as it will be difficult to carry or move safely.

Postal Budget Tip! If sending packages by Royal Mail make sure your postal packaging fits the PiP (Pricing in Proportion) size guidelines to keep postage costs as low as possible. We have a range of PiP boxes and large letter postal products.


Wrapping items for postage

♦ Using packing paper to wrap individual items will give added protection to your mailed products. We have a wide array of paper wrapping materials suitable for different items. For general items, white tissue paper or imitation kraft brown paper will do, while news print paper makes an even cheaper alternative. For medium to heavy duty wrapping needs, pure kraft brown paper is a good choice.

Safety Tip! Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap instead of packing paper for extra protection.


Cushioning fragile items for shipping

♦ To secure your goods further, you can pack cushioning material around, above and between them. There’s a wide range of cushioning materials to choose from, which will depend on what you are shipping.

♦ You can use air cushioning pillows, expanding foams or foam rolls. Packing papers make economical cushioning materials too. Although a little more expensive, bubble wraps are also highly effective in cushioning items, particularly fragile ones.


Fill gaps / voids when shipping items

♦ In order to prevent items from shifting or moving inside the postal box, plug the gaps with void fill materials. For example, you can use scrunched-up paper, foam, bubble wrap, loose fills or vermiculite to fill the empty space inside the box.


Sealing your postal packages

♦ Securely seal your postal packaging by taping it with either vinyl or polypropylene tape. Tape down all openings and edges to ensure the mailing boxes cannot open in transit or be easily tampered with.

Security Tip! Use adhesive fragile labels for postal boxes containing fragile or delicate items. Printed sticky labels will ensure your parcels get the care they need in handling. 

We would love to hear from you if you have any postal packaging hints and tips to add to our list.


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